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DP Saddles & Tack


Saddle Demo Appointment:  $65 per horse. 

If you are in the market for a new saddle and would like to try one of DP Saddlery’s models, please contact me to schedule an appointment. We will take measurements of your horse, listen to your needs, and select a few models that I think will work best for you and your horse. You will need your pad, stirrups, leather, and girth. These appointments will take up to an hour and a half. As an independent dealer, I am not on a salary. This fee covers my time, and the cost and maintenance of my demos.

Travel Fee:  $50 within 20 miles of my office in Cotati, CA. Additional mileage to be billed at 56 cents per mile, round trip.

Overnight trips will include surcharges to cover hotel room. The travel fee will be quoted prior to scheduling your appointment. As an independent saddle dealer, I own and maintain my truck, trailer and tools – and am not on salary from any saddle manufacturer. The travel fee can split between clients scheduled at the same barn on the same day to reduce your costs.

Please be ready for your appointment, please be ready to ride (rider dressed to ride; horse in tacking area, groomed and ready to saddle) at our scheduled appointment time.

Payment is due at time of appointment. We accept checks and credit cards, but there is a 3% convenience fee to pay by credit card.

No shows and appointments cancelled with less than 24hrs notice will be charged $50 plus  any applicable trip fees for the no-show appointment. Appointments may not be rescheduled until fees are paid.


El Campo - Del Flors

An English-style saddle, that can be used for classical Dressage-style riding and trail riding and much more. 
Our “El Campo by Rolf Janzen” was built in close cooporation with Rolf Janzen. Rolf Janzen (www.rolf-janzen.de) is a trainer for classical Dressage  and Working Equitation for Horses and Rider in Germany.
Resulting out of this cooperation is a saddle, especially developed for the discipline Working Equitation, that is also well suited for Dressage training as well as long hours in the saddle like trail riding. Via our fully adjustable gullet, the variable 3-Point Billets,the anatomically shaped wool flocked panels as well as the velcro knee rolls are making this saddle so simple to adjust to each rider and horse combination. The seat padding is extremely comfortable and you won’t want to get off!


Saddle Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree with fully adjustable arch
Saddle Leather: Chestnut/ Black Antique
Seat Leather: Black Nappa
Hardware: stainless steel hardware
Tooling: Full Flower Tooling
Weight: ca. 8 kg
Saddle Length: ca. 53 cm
Saddle Flap Length:
Seat size 1: 53 cm, Seat size 2: 53 or 56 cm, Seat size 3: 56 cm
Specialties:Velcro Knee Rolls

Price: $3844 plus shipping


Baroque Deluxe

Finest Saddle Maker Quality and the best of leathers are combined into a fancy creation in our saddle “Baroque Deluxe”. The elegant saddle flap with extraordinary design of the special soft knee area provides great comfort and support to the rider’s legs and offers a very well balanced elegance in design as well as function. Built on our famour Ultra-Flex tree, wool flocked panels and fully adjustable gullet via Allen wrench. Various colors / seat sizes / tooling options available upon special order request. Please call for availability and in-stock models.


Saddle Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree with fully adjustable gullet
Saddle Leather:  Havanna
Seat Leather: Cognac Nubuck
Hardware: Brass
Tooling: limited and optional, Upcharges apply not included in sample price
Weight: ca. 7,5 kg / ca. 16 lbs
Saddle length: ca. 52 cm / ca. 20 inches
Saddle Skirt Depth: ca. 49 cm / ca. 19 inches
Specialties:Available with leather tree (upcharge)

Price: $2580. plus shipping


Soft Feel Baroque Headstall Espera

Extra soft padded Baroque Headstall with Fringes (traditionally used as fly deterrents) and a gorgeous, eye-catching and decorative concho that has an antique finsh on silver . Anatomically shaped at the poll. Padded alongside the poll as well as the entire noseband. Matches our Saddle “Espera” beautifully. Does not come with reins, please order separately. Also available to order is the matching Breast Collar.



Size:  Warmblood

Color Bridle Leather: Black

Color Padding: Black

Hardware color: stainless steel or brass

Color examples for special orders.

Price: $285 plus shipping