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            Luna Tierra Ranch is a sanctuary for select horses, goats, chickens and dogs, not to mention dozens of wild creatures ranging from jack rabbits to red tail hawks to Sonoma County frogs. Most of the horses and dogs are rescues. Our aim is to give the animals a secure, happy place to live while they learn the behavioral tools needed to relate to humans, if not excel at skills, like Working Equitation.

We seek to uphold the original European tradition of Working Equitation (WE), and hold monthly practices and trial runs on a special course.

We also hold a variety of special seminars when known trainers or other specialists are in the area. Among trainers we have hosted in the past year is Dean Voigt, the renowned colt starter.

            Our facilities were all hand built by the Luna Tierra team. Our barns, arena, and other infrastructure is very familiar to us, and we are in a constant state of improvement for ourselves and our clients.